Google Play page

Now you can perform DStretch enhancements in the field on your Android phone or tablet.

AndroidDStretch is available on the Google Play Store.Google Play

See the Google Play page for screen shots and description.  See the iOS page for more general information and examples.  Much of the iOS info applies to Android.  DStretch requires good color resolution. This is not always the case for cameras on Android phones.  I recently updated my Android phone to a Pixel 2.  My old Samsung Galaxy S4 took poor pictures.  My wife's S9 is good, her old S7 was poor.  It seems Samsung likes to smooth the colors and assumes no one will notice. Google also does this on the Pixel 2, but not if you use HDR mode in which case the images are good. On the S7 or S9 you can set the camera to "Pro" mode which saves the raw data, this option is available on some Android devices, but not always available to the androidDStretch app camera interface.  Open Camera is a camera app for all these cameras that allows you to save the raw data as a .dng file.  Then you can use  an app like Snapseed to process the dng.  This gives nice images without the color smoothing.  My tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) has a great display, an OK camera (but no flash), and is very fast at doing the enhancements.

Some images to play with.  Download them to your device.