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These slide shows document rock art sites using DStretch.  Since DStretch is all about imaging the slide shows are the best way to demonstrate its effectiveness.  Especially important are the slide shows from Baja California (both the northern and southern states).  In these shows and in several of my presentations I document well known (San Borjitas) and not so well known (Los Clavelitos, El Dipugón, Rincón de las Cuevas, Rancho Codornices) sites from the Baja California Peninsula.  The pictographs found there have world significance.
Rock Art
                Interpretation Slideshow

Rock Art Interpretation

When faced with ancient faded images many rock art investigators have tried to recreate what the images must have looked like when new.  I hope DStretch can be useful in this quest.  Here is a slideshow of a few famous researchers and their interpretations.
Chavalito Slideshow
El Chavalito

El Chavalito is a large Great Mural site in the Sierra de Guadalupe, Baja California Sur.  It was one of the first sites I visited in the Sierra de Guadalupe and it made a strong impression on me. The rock art here is fascinating and can be very beautiful. It is a significant site for the study of Great Mural art.  In some ways it is a companion site to Los Clavelitos. They are 27 km apart.  They are both large sites with hundreds of images in many different Great Mural sub-styles.  They are both dominated by a single huge mono.  In many other ways the sites differ, especially in the sub-styles that are present.  To my mind Chavalito gets the prize for the incredible creativity and variety of its art. It lacks the classic beauty of the art in Sierra de San Francisco (see my slideshow here on sites near Cueva Pintada), but makes up for that with vitality and inventiveness. I visited this site on December 23, 2006 as part of the INAH project: Identidad Social, Comunicación Ritual y Arte Rupestre: El Gran Mural de la Sierra de Guadalupe B.C.S. under the leadership of Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez.
Chickering Style 7
The Chickering Style 7 Petroglyphs

On September 26, 2015 the Sacramento Archaeological Society and FSRA had a field trip to see Style 7 petroglyph sites in the Sierras.  We had a unique chance to visit the Chickering site on the North Fork of the American River.  Thanks to Dan Foster for organizing the trip and to John Foster for inviting me.  John Betts, the premier documenter of Style 7 sites was there.  It was great to see him again after many years.  DStretch did not always work to enhance the sites, but at Chickering it did well.  For more information on northern Sierra petroglyphs visit this link.
St Croix Slide Show
St. Croix River Pictographs

In July, 2013, on a paddle down the St Croix River not far from Minneapolis my wife Sheila noticed some pictographs.  I had to borrow a camera, but got photos that I later DStretched.  This was an unexpected delight.  We later talked with Jean Schaeppi-Anderson, Cultural Resource and Interpretive Specialist, St. Croix National Scenic Riverway about the pictographs.  I sent her my enhancements.  I hope they help to document this beautiful site.
Donner Pass
DStretch on the Donner Pass Petroglyphs

On the weekend of June 22-23, 2013 BARARA held the Paul Freeman memorial field trip to the Sierras.  We visited many sites that Paul had led us to and found a site that Paul had been unable to revisit.  It was a great trip.  At the Donner Pass petroglyph site DStretch proved its usefulness.  I usually discourage users from getting their hopes too high when using DStretch on petroglyphs.  This time the pink granite patina gave DStretch a hue difference to enhance.  It worked well, even giving some new information not found in the drawings at the site plaque.
Eel River Sites
Eel River Petroglyph Sites

In April 2012 I rafted down the Eel River with expert river runner Pierre Pelet.  We visited a little known petroglyph site near Coleman Creek. Here I have put my photos from that trip and another visit in September 2012.  Over the years I have visited other sites along the Eel and have collected my photos and what information I have about them.
Rincon slideshow

Rincón de las Cuevas

Harry Crosby visited this site.  His description (see the slideshow for a long quote from his book) is of a very poorly preserved site, but one that was possibly important in understanding the northern expansion of the Great Mural artists.  Hoping that DStretch might help I visited this site in April, 2012.  Here are my slides from a presentation at MORAW, 2013.  Since Crosby's explorations more sites have been found and the northern sites seem more diverse than his initial definition of Red-on-Granite.  Also of interest are my photos of the petroglyphs (PCN's?) on the cave floor.
San Borjitas

Cueva San Borjitas

San Borjitas is located north of Mulege in Baja California Sur.  I originally tested DStretch on images from my first San Borjitas visit (see the Sierra de Guadalupe slideshow below).  I returned to San Borjitas in January 2010.  I didn't realize how impressive and important this site was until I DStretched my new images.  They are truly amazing.  DStretch brings out beautiful colors and fascinating details of the rock art.  This site is one of the most impressive in all of North America.  This photography was done as part of a project by INAH archaeologist Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez in the Sierra de San Francisco and Guadalupe.  2010 presentations about San Borjitas   2011 presentations about San Borjitas

Masange Slideshow

Masange A13

Masange A13 is in the Kondoa Rock Art World Heritage Site in Central Tanzania.  The Kondoa sites were documented by Mary Leakey in her book "Africa's Vanishing Art".  Perhaps "Africa's Forgotten Art" would be a better modern title since the sites receive little visitation and there are no ongoing conservation or documentation projects.  Leakey does not document Masange in her book, but this site contains beautiful painted images. The headresses on the human figures are amazing with fascinating details.   Recent vandalism at the site makes it important that the conservation and documentation of this important rock art should be continued.  Our guide from the Tanzania Antiquities Department was Maulidi Rauna.  My wife Sheila and I visited the site on September 18, 2009. I gave this presentation at ARARA 2010 in Del Rio, Texas.

                Slide Show

Los Clavelitos

This is a large and important site in the southern Sierra de Guadalupe, Baja California Sur.  INAH archaeologist Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez has a project to document and protect the sites in this sierra that are not yet open to the public.  As part of her project I photographed several sites in late 2007.  To give the viewer some sense of the context of the images I have tried a new slide show format with index images that show the positions of the photographs.  We were accompanied by INAH custodian Aaron Real Villavicencio and translator Ayla Perez.  Del Cover wrote a very fine paper about this site in 1990 and I  have included scans of the paper with his permission.

                Dipugón Slide Show

El Dipugón

El Dipugón is a relatively small rockshelter in the Sierra de Guadalupe.  I visited it as part of the project by INAH archaeologist Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez.  Our local guide was Placido Osuna Villavicencio.  The several hour mule trip from Placido's rancho was made more interesting by the constant gentle equipatas rain.  The painting in this rockshelter is wonderfully well preserved.  An amazing cast of creatures are drawn in many colors.  Perhaps an ichthyologist out there can help with the identification. 

                Capilla Enterrada Slideshow

La Capilla Enterrada

Near Zapotitlan Salinas in the state of Puebla, Mexico is an abandoned chapel dug into the ground.  The murals on the walls and ceiling of the chapel are fantastic and seem different than what might be expected in a Catholic church.  Unfortunately they have been vandalized, have faded and are covered with bird droppings.  In August 2007 Sheila and I visited the chapel accompanied by INAH archaeologist Antonio Porcayo Michelini and local guide Pedro Guadalupe Miranda Pacheco.
Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill

BARARA (Bay Area Rock Art Research Association) visited Tulare County Yokuts pictograph sites in March 2006.  The highpoint of our trip was a visit to Rocky Hill near Exeter.  This site has been preserved by the  Archaeological Conservancy.  Docent Manuel Andrade gave us an excellent tour.  I got a great chance to try out DStretch on the beautiful pictographs.  DStretch CRGB does really well on the red pignents.
Tulare Sites
                Slideshow link

Tulare County Yokuts Sites

On our BARARA trip in March we were lucky to have the expert guidence of Jim and Mary Gorden who took us to the Buena Vista and Bacon Hill sites. Here DStretch also did very well, bringing out some fantastic images that were a surprise to us all.
Pintada Trip
                Slideshow Link

Cueva Pintada Trip

In June 2005 Sheila and I visited Cueva Pintada on a trip led by Elanie Moore. It was hot!  Eve Ewing kindly provided me with reprints of papers by herself, Elanie, and others that analyzed the caves.  It was fascinating to read the papers with the paintings right in front of me.  This sparked my own thinking about the mural composition. Here I show some images from Pintada and other sites we visited on the trip.
Burham Canyon

Mysterious Creature of Burham Canyon

When using DStretch on scans of photos I had taken years ago (1992), I discovered a creature I had never known was there.  Is the creature really there?  I'll have to revisit the site to find out.  The site is KER-273.  We had a hard time finding it the first time, after all these years I wonder if I can find it again.  Update:I revisited the site on a KCAS trip in 2010 led by Jack Sprague, so no trouble finding the site.

Tule River Painted
                Rock Slideshow

Tule River Painted Rock

This is a special site with beautiful pictographs.  It has been studied since the late 1800's.  The CRGB matrix does a great job of clarifying the pictograph compositions.

Sierra de
                Guadalupe Caves Slideshow

First Visits to Trinidad and San Borjitas

I first visited Cueva La Trinidad in 2003 and Cueva San Borjitas in 2004.  Both times my guide was Salvador Castro Drew from Mulege.  They are incredible caves and provide interesting images for DStretch.  Elsewhere on this site I use other San Borjitas images.  They are some of my favorites -- see the San Borjitas slideshow.  Usually the name is given as San Borjitas, but Salvador insisted it should be San Borjita.
Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis Mule Trips

I have been on several mule trips in the area around Mission Santa Gertrudis, Baja California.  The trips were organized by Eve Ewing, an expert on Baja California rock art.  Our guide was Arturo Villavicencio, one of the best guides in Baja.  We explored well known sites and looked for new ones.  Many of the sites we found were very faded.  DStretch can make a huge difference in visualizing the old faded images.

Tassili N' Ajjer

The Tassili Plateau rises above the Sahara Desert in Algeria.  Documented first by Henri Lhote in the 1950's the rock art here spans thousands of years and goes back to times when the Tassili had much more water than now.  I visited the Tassili Plateau in 1990. My slideshow was originally done early in the history of DStretch.  I have updated it a little in 2015.
Fine Art by Sheila

Fine Art Images by Sheila Harman

My wife Sheila is a creative soul.  Here are her interpretations of my DStretch images.