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Introductory Slideshow

My wife Sheila and I visited San Borjitas first in 2004 and next in January 2010.  This slideshow has photos from our January 2010 trip, plus a few from 2004.  It was the enhancement of one of my photos from the 2004 trip that convinced me to put a lot of effort into DStretch.  I didn't take many photos then and those I did take were with a tiny Canon S400 camera.  Not high quality.  So I have wanted to revisit the cave and take better pictures.  My chance came in January 2010, but things didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.  In Mulege the INAH officials discouraged us from even trying to get there.  We went anyway and after a long rough drive got to the rancho.  We were lucky to find the Gorosave family there and grateful to Maria for offering to guide us. Next was a long tiring walk over a river bed full of cobbles to get to the cave.  By then the light was beginning to fade and I had only an hour to photograph.  I wish I had more time and could have taken better and better framed photographs, but the enhancement results have been astounding.  Very beautiful!  Check out my ceiling slideshow to see what I mean.
I have since visited San Borjitas in April 2010 and taken more photos.  The road has been fixed and it is now much easier to get to the cave.  I have come to realize that the photos from January are special.  The late afternoon winter light gave a warm glow to the images that is not present in the April pictures.

A note on the slideshows.  Some are autoplay and that may not give enough time to read my captions.  To stop the autoplay just click on the main photo.  To go forward click on the right side, to go back click on the left side.  In the upper right of the main image are controls that will show the image fullscreen or open the image in a new window.  Either control is useful if you wish to see more details.

Images Copyright 2010 by Jon Harman