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Ceiling Slideshow

Ceiling Slideshow

In this slideshow I have put my favorite images and enhancements from the ceiling of San Borjitas.  I didn't have much time to photograph in January 2010.  Nevertheless when I saw the enhancements I was amazed.  The enhancements have beautiful colors (thanks to DStretch and thanks to the late afternoon winter light) and reveal fascinating details of the paintings.  In the slideshow I give some commentary about what I see in the images, but I want to emphasize that it is the images that are important.  That being said, my study of San Borjitas convinces me that there is meaning in the design and arrangement of the figures.  Too bad we don't know what that meaning is, but maybe careful study can give some clues.

Some of the terms I use to describe the figures (i.e. mono = human figure) may seem unfamiliar.  To learn more about this fascinating art read Harry Crosby's The Cave Paintings of Baja California.  Better yet come to Baja California and visit the sites.  Cueva San Borjita is north of Mulege in the Sierra de Guadalupe.  The most famous sites are in the Sierra de San Francisco north of the beautiful town of San Ignacio in Baja California Sur.  INAH, the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History has the responsibility to preserve and protect the sites.  Please obey the INAH rules.

A note on the slideshows.  Some are autoplay and that may not give enough time to read my captions.  To stop the autoplay just click on the main photo.  To go forward click on the right side, to go back click on the left side.  In the upper right of the main image are controls that will show the image fullscreen or open the image in a new window.  Either control is useful if you wish to see more details.

Images Copyright 2010 by Jon Harman